Who Invented Contact Lenses and In What Year

A Brief History of Contact Lens Invention and Inventors

This contact lens history describes crucial invention milestones. Who invented contact lenses? Just keep reading to find out the inventors…

From this brief contact lens history, for example, you’ll learn when soft bifocal contact lenses were first available. The following timeline provides short description of important invention milestones.


1508 Leonardo da Vinci illustrates the ideas of contact lenses
1827 Sir John Herschel proposes making a contact lens that conform perfectly to the eye’s surface
1887 F.E. Muller produces the first glass contact lens
1936 William Feinbloom produces the first contact lens containing both glass and plastic
1948 Kevin Tuohy begins manufacturing contact lenses made entirely of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) plastic
1971 Soft contacts become commercially available in the United States
1978 Toric contact lenses are commercially distributed in the United States
1979 Introduction of rigid gas permeable, RGP contact lenses
1981 FDA approval of extended wear contact lenses (soft contacts)
1982 Daily wear soft bifocal contact lenses become available for commercial distribution
1986 Extended wear gas permeable contact lenses available
1987 Introduction of disposable soft contact lenses
1991 Planned replacement soft contact lenses introduced
1995 Daily or One-day disposable soft contact lenses introduced
1998 First Multifocal disposable soft contact lenses available


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