VSP Direct Individual Vision Insurance Plans Review

VSP Direct is a subsidiary of VSP Vision Care that offers vision insurance plans direct to consumers.

Vision Service Plan Direct caters individuals and their families who do not have a vision insurance coverage through their employer. It’s an option for those who are self-employed, or who are at or nearing retirement and in need of vision insurance coverage.

We review this company to help you understand the importance of protecting your eyesight and to find whether their insurance coverage fits your vision needs.

Reasons to Buy Vision Insurance Coverage

1. Adults over 40 begin to experience eye health and vision problems.

2. Eye exams detect not only different eye diseases — cataracts, glaucoma or age-related macular degeneration but also early stages of diabetes, hypertension, and other serious health problems.

3. More than 150 million Americans wear corrective eyewear and spend more than $15 billion each year on glasses and contact lenses. (National Eye Institute)

4. According to VSP, about 62 million people don’t get covered by any vision insurance plan, which means the opportunities to save money on eyewear and eye exams are real.

As you can see from the facts, a vision insurance plan can offer many benefits. It will take care of your eyes plus your overall health and save money at the same time.

VSP Direct Eye Insurance Coverage

With a plan starting at $17, you’ll get the following coverage:

1. Eye Exams: fully covered + $10 copay every 12 months

2. Prescription glasses/lenses: fully covered (single vision, lined bifocal, and lined trifocal lenses)

3. Frames: covered up to $150 + $25 copay for both frames and lenses (Plan B every 24 months and Plan C every 12 months)

4. Contacts (if you choose contacts instead of frames): $150 allowance for contacts and the fitting and evaluation exam + $25 copay every 12 months

5. Extra discounts and savings: 20% – 25% savings on lens enhancements, 20% savings additional prescription glasses and sunglasses, 15% savings on your contact lens fitting and evaluation

How Does VSP Direct Insurance Work?

1. Find a VSP eye doctor in your area.
2. Make an appointment with the doctor and check if they carry the perfect eyewear for your style and budget.
3. Visit your doctor’s office, get your exam and select your frames and lenses (or contact lenses).
4. Pay any copays or overage right there at the doctor’s office.
5. Make sure to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) for out-of-pocket expenses.

Pros and Cons

VSP is a not-for-profit insurance company that offers access to high-quality eye care and eyewear. The VSP Direct promises the lowest out-of-pocket cost for individuals and with an affordable monthly payment.

With a network of over 30,000 doctors nationwide chances are you can find one who is close to your location.

The enrollment is easy. Once enrolled, you can start using your benefits within five business days.

There are some complaints related services of VSP Vision Care. You find them on sites like ConsumerAffairs and others. Most of the time, they are related to the policy price and coverage, especially for eyeglasses.

Is VSP Direct Individual Vision Insurance Right for You?

There are particular situations where you and your family need vision coverage from the VSP Direct:

1. You don’t have any vision insurance coverage.

2. You’re wearing or plan to wear designer brand’s frames.

3. You can find an excellent selection of providers in your area, including one close to your house.

If your answers to the above checklist are yes, just choose the right plan for your needs because VSP Direct is right for you.

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