Vision Insurance Or Vision Service Plan

vision insuranceVision insurance is essential to the many of us who have vision problems. Without it there is a chance that we would incur mounting eye care bills. This is why our companies or organizations offer eye insurance to offset the cost of caring for our eyes.

Do you really need an eye insurance? What would happen if you didn’t have an eye insurance plan?

That are the questions if you wonder all of the time whether or not you need vision service plan benefits; or, if you had bad experiences with vision service providers who have still slapped you with huge bills.

Truth is, if you have vision problems, the bill may have been larger had there not been eye insurance in place. You do not want to have to pay an arm and a leg for your examination, contacts, or even eye surgical procedures.

Vision Insurance Benefits and Costs

Vision insurance benefits are usually a supplement to health insurance. If you do not have a job that will allow you to acquire insurance, you may want to consider buying health insurance on your own.

There are different kinds of vision service plan insurance available. If you are not used to purchase the insurance the selection aspect can be confusing.

Among those insurances are a discount vision plan and a vision benefits package. The discount vision plan offers vision care at a discounted rate that is fixed after an annual membership premium, usually $0-$12, are met. There may be a deductible, usually $0-$35, involved that must be met before full benefits are received.

The vision benefits package offers the same coverage as the discount vision plan, but requires a co-pay, usually $10-$15, each time the patient needs to access eye care services.

So eye insurance plans are affordable and can save you a bundle. If you have to buy eye insurance on your own, the primary insurance providers you can go to are VSP Direct (see below), Spectera, EyeMed, Davis Vision, and AlwaysCare.

The Right Eye Insurance Plans

No matter the type of insurance you purchase, you are going to realize that eye insurance costs are less than if you had no insurance at all. Eye insurance is available at affordable rates so that you don’t have to worry about being trapped within the clutches of a large eye care bill.

Your eyes are an important part of your life that will help you enjoy more from your life. You do not want to hamper the functionality of your eyes because you cannot afford the costs associated with eye care.

At affordable rates you can acquire vision insurance to protect yourself against financial losses due to unexpected eye problems.

VSP Direct Individual Vision Insurance Plan

VSP is a not-for-profit insurance company that offers access to high-quality eye care and eyewear. You can enroll online now and start using your benefits within five business days.

An individual or family vision insurance plan from VSP Direct covers eye exams, glasses, contacts and more. With the lowest out-of-pocket cost you can save over $200 a year with a standard service plan.

They also have the largest doctor network, consisting of over 30,000 doctors nationwide, with convenient locations.

With VSP, you’ll receive services at rates well below walk-in prices, and any VSP doctor can access your plan coverage. Just make your appointment, get your exam, select your frames and lens options, and the doctor’s office will take care of the rest.


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