Ultravue 2000T Multifocal Toric Discontinued

ultravue 2000TUltravue 2000T is a conventional wear, toric multifocal lens for astigmatic presbyopes. The UltraVue toric multifocal is a toric version of the UltraVue 2000 and has the same D and N add power configuration.

If you’ve been finding reading more difficult chances are you have a common vision condition called presbyopia. Even if you also have astigmatism you can wear multifocal toric contact lenses as an alternative. UltraVue Toric Multifocal lenses offers you a great vision near, far, and everywhere in between.

How Do UltraVue Multifocal Toric Lenses Work?

As with other family member of Coppervision’s “total multifocal solution” ultraVue toric multifocal lenses utilize advanced Balanced Progressive Technology, which uses two different lenses that work together to provide great vision everywhere you look.

Every lens utilizes a two-lens design system featuring distance and near lenses, which provides excellent binocular vision and stereopsis across a wide range of parameters. One lens (D) corrects your dominant eye with the distance power in the center and another lens (N) corrects your non-dominant eye with near power in the center.

Since this lens system is still a multifocal design in both lenses your depth perception is not compromised like it is in monovision. And if you have a low level of astigmatism, perhaps Ultravue 2000 multifocal lenses can answer your vision needs. In short, this system allows eye care practitioners to customize the lenses to your prescription and vision requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Great vision at every distance
  • Available for those with presbyopia and astigmatism
  • A unique two-lens system
  • Balanced Progressive Technology

Are UltraVue 2000T Contacts for Me?

Are you interested in these lenses? Visit your eye doctor to find out whether these lenses are right for you. Be prepared for several visits because it takes some patience to go through the fitting process. It takes time to refine both the toric correction and the balance between distance and near.

The design of UltraVue 2000T Multifocal Toric contact lenses formerly has a different parameter range than the design of Proclear Multifocal Toric contacts. But today the differences are accommodated into the new Proclear Multifocal Toric contact lenses.

Note: CooperVision no longer manufactures Ultravue 2000T (discontinued).


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