Custom Theatrical Contact Lenses for Special Effects

Theatrical contact lenses are among popular costume accessories in a fantasy or horror themed plays. These special effect contacts are a must commodity among costume and make-up directors. To capture the cat-like effect appearance, for example, certain characters have worn theatrical contacts to enhance the feline-like looks and help convey their cats’ characters.

Theatrical lenses are available in plano lens that have no correction for eye refraction problems like astigmatism, presbyopia or myopia. There are also theatrical contacts that have corrective power capability. Those artists who worry that their vision might be affected don’t need to worry at all.

Special fx theatrical contacts used to be very expensive because they are custom made. Today they are available to general public with a reasonable price. If you need costume contacts, it’s affordable to have a pair of lenses or two. The only problem might be choosing a pair or two from a wide range of selections.

Custom-Made Theatrical Contacts

If mass-produced lenses don’t fulfill your needs custom-made contacts are the alternative. You can have your own design or choose from ranges of design examples. There are many companies that offer to create individually painted lenses. Be ready, this type would cost more than mass-produced special effects lenses and you will have to place your order in advance.

The following companies are companies that offer custom-made theatrical contact lenses. FX Eyes has a great selection of lenses to choose from. They also create custom lenses that will meet your specification, if they do not carry what you want.

9mmSFX lenses create special effect lenses for movies such as Hellraiser and The Adventures of Pluto Nash. They offer hundreds of hand-painted lens designs, which create special effects.

Wearing and Caring for Theatrical Contacts

Any contact lenses including those used for theatrical special effects should be worn with extra care. Regular cleaning is necessary and constant lubrication is important. Like every after performance the contact lenses must be cleaned thoroughly using the only prescribed contact lens cleaning solutions or disinfectant before they are used again.

The advice of an eye doctor is important in every purchase of contact lenses regardless of the purpose. This is to ensure that the eyes are protected from the possible eye irritations, which usually happens among the first-time users. He or she will also teach you how to handle contact lens insertion or removal from the cornea to protect them from tearing apart.

“How Do I Get Theatrical Contact Lenses?”

Theatrical contact lenses with the right prescription from an eye care professional will surely be safe to wear. They makes the character of a play on stage or in movies look convincingly real. These lenses enhance the images portrayed by an artist while complimenting the costumes worn and the props used in every performance.

For mass-produced lenses, WildEyes from CIBA Vision is one of the popular names of special contact lenses available in the market. This brand is distributed among optical retailers locally or through the internet.

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