Special Effect Contact Lenses Review and Price

Special effect contact lenses both change eye color and enhance theatrical and Halloween costumes. These costume contacts creates many of the special effects you see in movies. A pair of custom-made contact lenses is sometimes necessary for a theatrical performance.

Special effects contact lenses are available in Plano or non-corrective designs. They are also available in prescriptive correction, if you have certain refractive errors. And based on how tints applied on lenses special effects colored contacts belong to the opaque color contacts category.

According to their uses these costume, special effect colored contacts are available for special events, such as Halloween. They are also available for film and theatrical production. Halloween contact lenses are designed for “consumer market” and theatrical contact lenses are manufactured for “professional market”.

Halloween Special Effect Contacts

Halloween special effect contact lenses are available in three shapes — round, scleral, and semi-scleral. Round shape contact lenses only cover the colored area of your eye. Scleral contacts cover the whole visible portion of your eye, leaving no white visible.

Another type is a semi-scleral lens, which are larger than the round lenses. With these lenses, some white areas are still visible at the corners of your eyes.

For a Halloween party, ordinary or round lenses are the suitable ones. They are easier to insert and remove and are less expensive than scleral lenses. If a special costume is not available in round lenses you may try semi-scleral lenses.

In term of color, contact lenses for Halloween are opaque color contacts. With a clear center to see, they can completely mask your natural eye color. You’ll also find costume bifocal lenses if you have presbyopia. Some special effects contact lenses, like Wild Eyes and Crazy Lenses, offer corrective powers.

Theatrical Special Effect Contact Lenses

Theatrical contact lenses have been used in the movie industry for many years. They help to create a mood, a monster or character. Some films such as Interview With The Vampire and X-Men are examples of theatrical contact lenses application.

Many music industry performers also use theatrical contacts. Marilyn Manson, for example, wears custom-made contact lenses to create a strong visual impact.

Theatrical contact lenses used to be very expensive because they are custom made. Today, they are available to general public with a reasonable price. If you need costume contacts, it’s affordable to have a pair of lenses or two.

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