Soflens Multi Focal Contact Lenses

Soflens multi focal are contacts that answer your vision needs when you are beginning to find it difficult to read fine print. The multifocal lenses from Bausch & Lomb enable you to see well at all distances and provide all day comfort benefits as well.

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Bausch + Lomb, the manufacturer of Soflens contacts, even claims that SofLens Multifocal contact lenses were patient-preferred 2 to 1 over a leading bifocal contact lens for overall visual quality.

If you’re at an early stage of presbyopia, these daily wear, monthly replacement contact lenses offer you a new alternative.

How Soflens Multi-Focal Contact Lenses Work

SofLens Multifocal lenses have an aspheric, center-near design. It means each lens has near vision correction in the center and its power decreases gradually towards the lens periphery, to correct distance vision.

This progressive design provides clear vision in the intermediate range. An important vision improvement if you are used to work within computer monitor distance.

As other bifocal contacts design Soflens Multi Focal is a vision compromise. You have a less sharp focus but you don’t need to wear reading glasses over your contacts or you don’t have to drive with driving glasses.

Soflens Multifocal lenses are available in two different ADD powers. A low ADD design has a progressive up to +1.5D and a high ADD design has a progressive up to +2.5D.

Compared to the low ADD design the high add design has a faster gradual power increase from periphery to center. The central zone of high ADD design has a higher near ADD power.

Who Needs Soflens Multi Focal Contact Lenses

Success with Soflens Multifocal contacts depend on your specific eye conditions and your expectations — the vision quality you want to have and your lifestyle.

Soflens multifocal lenses are right for you if you want to accept a compromise. They can provide all distance vision quality compromise. Your eyes will probably need some time to adjust. You may adapt immediately or you may need slightly adjusted prescription.

However, Soflens multi focal lenses aren’t for everyone. They aren’t right for you if you can’t accept a compromise vision, or if you can’t adjust to progressive lenses.

Benefits Of Softlens Multi Focal

  • Exceptional vision
  • All day comfort
  • Easy handling
  • Easy adaptation
  • Broad transition for near, intermediate and far vision
  • Visibility tint to easily see them in the case and on your finger
  • Flexible wear schedules

Product Specifications and Parameters

  • Lens material:Polymacon
  • Water content: 38.6%
  • Base Curves: 8.5mm and 8.8mm
  • Diameter: 14.5mm
  • Powers: +6.00D to -7.00D (0.25D steps)
  • Add Powers: Low +1.50D, High +1.75 up to +2.50D
  • Center Thickness: 0.10mm (-3.00D)
  • Package Size: 6 pack

Wearing and Replacement Schedules

  • Wearing schedule: Daily wear
  • Replacement schedule: Monthly

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