Proclear Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes and Presbyopia

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Proclear contact lenses are a family of contacts from CooperVision that are specifically designed for dry eyes. Proclear family of contacts correct astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia. For presbyopia corrections there are many Proclear products that offer comfort relating to dryness during lens wear, starting from daily to monthly replacement schedule.

All Proclear contact lenses for presbyopia corrections work by applying Balanced Progressive Technology that uses two different, complementary lenses to provide clear vision quality at all distance. Their PC Technology lets you enjoy a comfortable viewing all day long, especially if you experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear.

What is PC Technology?

The human body usually rejects foreign material. Regarding to contact lens, the eye coats it with proteins, lipids and other cells from the surrounding fluids. In a conventional lens material, a lens insertion into the eye results in an accumulation of deposits. The deposits dehydrate water in the lens and create uncomfortable lens wear.

Biocompatible material enables contact lenses to resist dehydration because it can “adapt” in the eye’s environment. As a result the lenses stay moist and comfortable on your eyes.

Proclear contact lenses incorporate PC (phosphorylcholine), which mimics the eye’s natural cells. PC technology is the key feature in Proclear design. It contains molecules that attract water, keeping Proclear contact lenses comfortable for all day long.

How Balanced Progressive Technology Works

Proclear multifocal contact lenses focus light from both near and far distances to the back of the eye, creating the clearest possible image. The Balanced Progressive Technology uses two different, but complementary, lenses that work together to provide clear vision near, far, and in between.

The lenses are available in the “D” lens (dominant eye) and the “N” lens (non-dominant eye). The “D” lens has a central distance power zone, an aspheric intermediate zone, and a spherical peripheral zone for near vision. The D lens progressive power increases in add toward the periphery.

The “N” lens design is the other way around. It has central near power zone, an aspheric intermediate zone, and a spherical peripheral zone for distance vision. The resulting optical effect is Balanced Progressive Technology.

Here both of your eyes wear multifocal lenses based on dominant eye and non-dominant eye. This prescription differs from modified monovision, where the dominant eye is corrected with unifocal distance vision and the non-dominant eye is corrected with multifocal near vision.

Proclear Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes and Presbyopia

Proclear 1 Day Multifocal. Do you have allergies or are concern about your eye health? These daily disposable contact lenses can help. You can have a fresh, new pair of contacts every day.

Proclear EP. These contact lenses are designed for you, if you are just starting to find it difficult reading fine prints and seeing close-up objects clearly.

Proclear Multifocal. This is a daily wear, monthly replacement version of Proclear contacts for presbyopia.

Proclear Multifocal Toric. If you have astigmatism that distorts your vision in addition to blurring of close-up object you will need the monthly replacement contacts.

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