Aging Eye Or Presbyopia Treatment Options

There are three presbyopia treatment options: glasses, bifocal contact lenses, and laser eye surgery. This report reviews each presbyopia treatment options in order for you to find the best presbyopia cure.

Wearing eyeglasses is a common vision correction alternative for aging eyes. The glasses can be reading glasses, if you don’t have any vision problems. Or, bifocal glasses and no-line progressive glasses, if you have nearsightedness and/or astigmatism before entering presbyopia age.

Are eyeglasses the best vision correction option? Read comparisons of available options.

Multifocal Contact Lenses Versus Bifocal Glasses

bifocal glasses for presbyopia treatmentcontact lenses for presbyopia treatment

Compared to eyeglasses, contact lenses provide:

  • Convenience: You don’t need to put on and take off your reading glasses all day long.
  • Crisper vision: Contact lenses allow you to maintain complete peripheral vision. But you have to face lines between the two segments of bifocal glasses.
  • Aesthetic appearance: With proper selection, color contacts may improve your attractive, fashionable appearance. They may even de-emphasize your age. Wouldn’t you feel great when others guess you’re thirties or younger?
  • Practicality: As good fitness and health are one of your main concerns, you may practice vigorous activities. In your active lifestyle, contact lenses are more practical and comfortable than spectacles. They don’t steam up from perspiration, or don’t get foggy because of temperature differences.

Bifocal or multifocal contacts offer the same benefits as younger contact lens wearers can get. For your age, you can find options such as: soft contacts, RGP contact lenses, extended wear contact lenses, or planned replacement lenses.

But as other medical devices, contact lens may not be for everyone. For example, if contact lens materials trigger eye allergy then contact lens isn’t for you. Contact lenses are not for you if you don’t like the hassle of contacts caring.

Is Lasik Eye Surgery the Right Presbyopia Treatment?

Studies indicate that the presbyope’s eye lenses are hardened and loses elasticity. However, eye doctors still disagree about what causes presbyopia. They are developing several theories regarding the causes of presbyopia. The theories behind the causes of “old eyes” result in different techniques for addressing the causes of presbyopia.

In the United States, there are many alternatives for presbyopia surgeries. But the FDA only approves LASIK monovision and monovision with Conductive Keratoplasty (CK). In monovision LASIK and monovision CK procedures, eye doctors usually require you to wear monovision contact lens before going ahead with eye surgery.

So, there are no satisfactory correction procedures, currently available to correct presbyopia directly.

Top Of Presbyopia Treatment Options

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