Monovision for Presbyopia

Can’t adjust to bifocal contact lenses? Monovision for presbyopia can help. In fact, monovision can help presbyopes see both far away and up close. Here your non-dominant eye is corrected for near vision, and your dominant eye is corrected for distance vision. If your distance vision is normal, only your non-dominant eye needs a correction.

With monovision option, one of your eyes focuses for distant objects while your other eye becomes the reading eye. The brain learns to adapt to this and will automatically use the correct eye depending on the location of material in view.

Monovision Contact Lenses for Presbyopia

Monovision is a compromise vision correction. You won’t get perfect vision both up close and far away. But it offers the best of both worlds and works well for many people.

Monovision contact lenses are available in less expensive spherical lenses, including disposable contact lens option. Because each lens has only one power, they also offer easier fitting. Furthermore, they are also convenient to wear and cheaper than bifocal or multifocal contact lenses.

LASIK Monovision for Presbyopia

Already worn monovision contact lenses and satisfied with your vision? Do you want to enhance your presbyopia vision to the next level?

There is a LASIK surgery that provides permanent form of monovision. When wearing contact lenses, one of your eye fits with a contact lens to correct distance vision, and the other eye fits with a contact lens to correct near vision.

In the same way, in monovision LASIK your eye surgeon operates on your dominant eye to correct the distance vision, and your non-dominant eye to correct the near vision.

After the correction, your eyes “no longer work together”. You’ll experience a decrease in depth perception, especially in low lighting conditions or when performing tasks requiring very sharp vision. In some cases you will need to wear prescription glasses to drive at night, or reading glasses to read small print for long time.

So, visit your eye doctor to learn whether monovision for presbyopia is right for you. Also, ask about how much your presbyopia is expected to increase in the future, how monovision applies to your specific condition and the cost of the LASIK surgery.

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