LASIK Monovision for Presbyopia

LASIK monovision is the preferred option for myopia and presbyopia treatment — a survey of refractive surgeons on patients. What about you?

Are you over 40 years but can’t adjust to bifocals? Do you feel that reading glasses are inconvenience? Monovision with LASIK is your other option. Actually, if you’ve been wearing monovision contacts for some times you’re a good candidate for monovision LASIK.

With LASIK monovision you can repeatedly change your eyes’ focus, without having to adjust your eyes or your head like if you wear eyeglasses. This is particularly beneficial if you’re a teacher, a public speaker, or a stage performer.

What is Monovision?

Monovision is a vision correction technique for correcting presbyopia. The type of correction depends on your level of nearsightedness.

If you have less than two diopters of nearsightedness, your dominant eye can be corrected for distance vision, and your non-dominant eye can be left uncorrected for near vision. However, if the amounts of nearsightedness is greater, your dominant eye is corrected for far away vision and your non-dominant eye is under corrected to provide better reading vision.

After the correction your dominant eye can see distance objects clearly, but not so clearly for near objects. Your non-dominant eye can see reading material clearly, but not as clearly as the dominant eye for distance objects. You can use both of your eyes for reading and watching TV comfortably. Both of your eyes are still working together all the time, but your brain soon learns which image to select.

With monovision you can reduce or eliminate the need for wearing reading glasses or bifocals. However, mono-vision has also some downsides. Adjusting to monovision may take several weeks. Mono vision may also cause a decrease in “stereopsis” or two-eye depth perception. This condition will require you to wear prescription glasses while driving at night. If you read for long periods of time you may need to wear reading glasses.

LASIK Monovision or Monovision Contact Lenses?

You can’t have monovision with eyeglasses. But monovision can be achieved with contact lenses. You just need some times to getting used to the visual compromises in the monovision contacts.

Monovision can also be achieved with LASIK. If you undergo monovision LASIK, a LASIK surgeon usually under-corrects your non-dominant eye. To preserve reading vision the under correction amount makes the non-dominant eye slightly nearsighted. With this correction, you are able to read menu card in a restaurant, for example.

As with monovision with contacts, LASIK monovision requires you to accept compromises, which is irreversible. For this reason, eye doctors recommend at least a 3 week trial period with monovision contact lenses. Only if you are able to become comfortable with monovision contact lenses should you proceed with monovision LASIK.

Which vision correction is right for you? Visit your eye surgeon to find out one that will suit your vision needs and lifestyle.


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