LASIK Eye Surgery for Presbyopia

LASIK eye surgery promises an instantaneous vision improvement and a painless operation. However, the rates can be steep and there are possibilities that you might suffer side effects such as glare or haloes.

LASIK, laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, is a surgical procedure performed on a patient whose eyes has refractive errors. These eye problems can be farsighted, nearsighted, astigmatism, and even presbyopia. If you have any of the aforementioned eye problems, you can reduce or eliminate the needs of eyeglasses or contact lenses with a LASIK surgery.

The Advantages of LASIK Surgery

Today LASIK surgery is the most popular surgical procedure aimed at improving the focusing power of the eye.

In this procedure, a laser eye surgeon will change the shape of your cornea permanently. The eye doctor creates a rounded “flap” on the cornea and then reshapes the underlying cornea using a special laser. If successful this procedure will improve the focusing power of the eye.

LASIK surgery has become popular because of its painless operation. An instantaneous result is another advantage that it has over other procedures to correct your imperfect vision. You just need to let a day or two to see a definite improvement with your vision.

The Disadvantages of LASIK Surgery

LASIK vision correction has some disadvantages too. First, the laser eye surgery costs can be significant. Second, just like any other medical operation, there are risks and complications that you may suffer in the aftermath of the operation. Third, certain lifestyles or job types will not allow you to undergo any form of eye surgery.

Learn more about complications of LASIK eye surgery here.

“Am I a Good Candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery?”

If you decide to go for a laser refractive surgery, research everything about the procedure. Take some time to find a reputable LASIK eye surgeon. And once you find one, have a thorough eye exam with the doctor to determine if you are a good LASIK candidate. You also need to discuss:

  • the risks of laser surgery in details,
  • possible immediate results after LASIK surgery and its long term effect,
  • available surgery alternatives, and
  • vision change after LASIK surgery.

Remember to ask about allowable activities during healing and recovery period after the LASIK surgery. Also, what you should do if you experience complications or even worsening eyesight.


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