Laser Eye Surgeon or Doctor

A good laser eye surgeon can be found with a simple research and asking for a referral. However, since there are a number of refractive procedures you need to choose an eye surgeon who is experience with several of them, including some of the latest technologies. For example, a laser eye doctor who is comfortable with LASIK might not be experienced with LASEK or CK.

This is essential especially when your eye examination suggests that LASIK is not your best option, for example. If you find out that your prospective surgeon is knowledgeable about the other procedures, then he or she is likely confident to choose the procedure that will best answer your vision problems.

Reasons To Choose a Good Laser Eye Surgeon

Laser eye surgery, such as LASIK, is one very popular refractive surgery procedure since it offers immediate vision improvement and a relative lack of pain afterward. But just like any other procedures it has side effects. There are risks of LASIK complications actually. Fortunately, good laser eye surgeons can minimize them.

Since there are a lot of eye care providers, you may want to know which one is competent to perform a Laser surgery procedure: an ophthalmologist, an optometrist or an optician. Which one is the specialist for eye surgery? It’s the eye doctor who is certified to perform a laser eye correction procedure.

LASIK and other refractive surgeries are not as complicated as a heart surgery, for example. But the outcome of a bad eye procedure is as bad as an outcome of a bad heart operation. So choosing the best LASIK eye surgeon available is worth your eye health.

Steps To Choose the Best Laser Eye Surgeon

There are a lot of ways to test that an eye surgeon is a good eye doctor. The following tips show you how…

  • Select several eye surgeon candidates. You can search online or call local eye surgery centers for recommended eye doctors in your area. Some online resources provide directories that are accessible and direct you to surgeons on your area.
  • Do a simple research on the eye doctors’ reputation. Search each surgeon name in Google or other search engine of your preference. Has he or she quoted in some medical journals? Is the surgeon associated with the best local clinics? The answers to the questions may predict whether he or she is a recognized authority in this field.
  • Narrow down your choices. Now you may have some two or three laser eye surgeon candidates who are recognized authority in the field of laser eye surgery. But this time you want to do a deeper research by calling each doctor office and asking for some patients’ referral. You can also ask your eye care practitioner to recommend you a LASIK surgeon.
  • Call their ex patients. Call the referred patients or other patients who had problems following surgery. How did their eye doctors resolve their eye problems? Did they feel abandoned or well treated? From your findings, scratch the doctor that didn’t put patient first off your list.
  • Visit the offices of your last candidates. This time you want to know him or her personally and how they manage their offices. Do you feel comfortable with the doctor and his or her office? Do they really listen to what you say and not easily get distracted by other businesses? The eye doctor that provides comfort and assurance is the one you’re looking for.

Once you find a good surgeon you may also want to learn about the cost of laser eye surgery.


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