Special Effect Halloween Contacts

Halloween contacts are an essential component of a Halloween costume party. If you want your costume to be the spookiest in the upcoming Halloween party Halloween contact lenses can help your costume to look different from the rest.

Whether you plan to dress with vampire-like clothes or wear costumes inspired from the Hocus Pocus Halloween lenses would help you differ from the rest. These contact lenses allow you to scare everyone just by the look in your eyes.

Halloween lenses increase the fearful look the costume would not have done otherwise. Only this contact lens can catch someone’s attention even in the absence of a creepy outfit. And if you choose the colors and the style that best fits your concept, the Halloween lenses will surely bring out the best shocking looks in you.

Halloween Costume Ideas

How do you prepare yourself to be the best in the Halloween costume party? So you have thought of everything on your costume… How about your eyes?

Sure that wouldn’t be a problem if you’re going to be Zorro or some NASCAR driver. Those mentioned are the oft used personalities, and many will be hunters and race drivers. But why not be someone rarely used? Why not have some Halloween costume idea that uses the superb halloween lens?

If you’re a Halloween fanatic and you’ve been planning the entire year to look different from the rest, here are Halloween lens and Halloween costume ideas.

All of the ideas are based on the lens collections of Vision Direct and Wild Eyes. The best choice is sometimes hard to find since ideas comes easy here. With several dozens contact lens choices, the limit for your Halloween costume ideas is your creativity.

Halloween Contact Lenses and Costume Ideas

Halloweens are made for dark fantasy. Yes everyone wants to be a walker of the dark, but capes and grotesque masks are so common that you’ll spot the difference in taste a mile away. Why not be a 20th century vampire? Here’s the idea:

Dress semi formally in immaculate black. Now is the time for you to neatly crop your hair and shine. Now for the best element of this costume is this link: http://www.visiondirect.com/

Now you can perfectly fit with the world of Vampires and Lycans in the Underworld. This blue halloween contact lens was a design used by Lestat on a similar movie genre Interview with the Vampire. Vision Direct also holds another design for Louis, another character from Interview.

Wild Eyes Contact Lenses offer other ideas. Featuring several feral designs in cosmetic eyewear, these Wild Eyes contact lenses make best Halloween ideas for Halloween costumes. Just like this Red Hot idea: http://www.wild-eyes.com/flash.htm

Darth Maul was the most enigmatic villain in StarWars. In fact, a majority of the ticket sales were aimed to check out the super villain whose creepy facial appearance, along with Padmé Amidala featured in most advertisements. These halloween contact lenses are the same ones worn by Ray Park as Darth Maul.

Give anyone your most smoldering gaze. The intensity of your stare, plus the Red Hot Halloween contact lens will be enough to melt just about anyone away.

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