Special Effects Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween contact lenses provide the kind of horrifying looks that you want to achieve. If you want to look like Freddie Krueger of the famous Nightmare on Elm Street, you need special effect contact lenses that exactly look like his eyes.

If you want to copy the appearance of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the popular horror flick Interview With the Vampire, Halloween lenses are what you need. Glaring red eyes, as if ready to eat anyone alive are found among the many designs of Halloween contacts.

These costume contacts come in many colors and horror designs to complement the horrific image you want to project.

Halloween Contact Lens Designs and Brands

Most Halloween contact lens brands recommended by doctors and preferred by Halloween party goers are WildEyes and Crazy Eyes. Both brands boast of various spine-chilling designs and prints that would definitely match with the costume that you prepare.

There is a large variety of special effect lens collections. You can find almost anything you want. Cat Eyes, Wolf Eyes, and White-outs are examples of popular designs. Or, you can get lenses with symbolic prints like stars and stripes.

CIBA Vision is the famous manufacturer of the most sought-after costume contact lenses. Its popular WildEyes brand offers colors and designs that will make anyone who wears them really look horrifying and might be mistaken as real.

Wild Eyes are available in Cat Eye, Zebra, and Wildfire lenses. Other designs include: Jaguar, Black-out, White-out, Red Hot, Icefire, Hypnotica, Knockout, Zoomin’ and Alien. They are annual replacement special effect lenses. Wild Eyes are available with or without prescription.

Cooper Vision, Crazy Lenses, is another manufacturer of mass-produced, costume contact lenses. They offer wide varieties of special effects contacts.

Crazy Lenses are available in White, Wolf, and Fire lenses. Other designs include: Cat Eye, Red Spiral, Black Spiral, Stars & Stripes, Bloodshot and NFL Crazy Lenses. You can get Crazy Lenses with or without corrective powers.

How to Get Halloween Contact Lenses

The above mentioned brands can be bought over the counter with or without prescription. Halloween lens is sold anytime of the year even if Halloween is yet to come or had just passed.

Contact lenses for Halloween are also sold via the virtual market. Purchasing contact lens online will be very convenient and cheap because you can compare price and availability of contact lenses offered by various online retailers from the comfort of your home.

If you are preparing for the upcoming Halloween party, be sure to shock anyone to death with your pair of Halloween contact lenses like what you can see below.


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