Gas Permeable Contacts Wearing Tips

Gas Permeable contacts are your vision correction alternative if you’re not happy with regular soft contacts. This is especially true if you have astigmatism and soft toric contacts can’t offer you clear vision. Or, if you have presbyopia, there are multifocal or bifocal rgp contact designs that have been proven to work effectively.

RGP contact lenses are actually not novel in the industry as it was launched in the 1970’s. However, this lens is much more new than the regular soft lens. The lens is made from an oxygen permeable silicone, which offers healthier vision, avoidance to deposits and better durability benefits.

Soft Versus Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

RGP contact lenses are not as famous as regular soft contact lenses. This ocular aid is not that easy to wear and it needs a longer period to adapt to.

However, GP lens is made of stiff plastic material that is porous to oxygen. The material is a combination of fluorine and silicone, which don’t hold any water and, thus, won’t attract protein near as much as soft lenses. If you have had a problem with protein on your soft lenses in the past, GP contacts will mostly eliminate that problem.

You always get a crisp vision because RGP lens will retain its contour even though you do countless eye movements. Even though you’ll still need to clean your GP lenses, in order to keep them comfortable when you wear them they are a lot easier to take care of than soft lenses. And they will also last you longer as well.

Caring for Your GP Contacts

GP lens care is essential for your eye health. For this purpose, you’ll need to keep a re-wetting solution or saline drops with you just in case they start to get dry. Anytime your eyes feel dry, use the drops to moisten your eyes back up, and keep your contacts comfortable. Always keep the re-wetting drops with you because dryness in the eyes is very common with contacts.

After you have worn your gas permeable contacts during the day, always clean, rinse, and dry them out once you take them out for the night. When you clean them, you should always use the right solution, depending on the type of contacts and brand you have. Make sure that the GP solution you use doesn’t result in any type of discomfort.

Do You Need Gas Permeable Contact Lenses?

boston multivision gas permeable contactsIf you have presbyopia and have had eye problems in the past, be sure to ask about RGP contact lenses when you go to your eye doctor. He or she might recommend you with boston multivision or other brands of GP lenses that are right for you. And once you have tried gas permeable contacts and see just how great your vision improvement is — you’ll never look at soft contacts the same way again.


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