Free Contact Lenses Trial Pair for Presbyopia

Eye doctors fit free contact lenses as a part of their services. As contact lens fitting is a complex process they usually spare a sufficient number of contacts that can normally answer most wearers’ eye conditions. Also, there will be a cost for the fitting and a prescription as a result of the fitting.

If you’re a new wearer you must have the lenses fitted properly. Let’s say you aren’t satisfied with your current contacts. Your doctor will fit you with different contacts, with or without any contacts certificate or coupon. Once you fit to particular lenses you can take them home for free. So, they aren’t free since you pay them as a service package.

Are There Free Contact Lenses?

There is a misconception regarding the “free contact lenses” among some new wearers. Many new wearers think that they can redeem their “free trial pair” certificates and refuse to pay the doctor’s professional fees like exams and fittings. For this reason, many eye doctors don’t want to write a contact lens prescription based on the certificates.

All the free sample coupons are worthless because you will get a free trial pair at your eye doctor’s office, regardless you have a coupon or not. As a medical device, an eye care practitioner is required by the law to ensure the contacts are safe for your eyes.

Another reason why the particular lenses are worthless is your contact lens prescription. If you get the lenses without a contact lens prescription chances are they won’t fit your eyes. So why bother with contact lenses that won’t work?

Sources Of Free Contact Lenses Trial Pair

The “free” term comes from several sources. One obvious source is promotion programs run by contact lens manufacturers. “Get a certificate for a free sample of contact lenses by filling in this form…” Or, are you familiar with this one? “Visit our website to qualify for a voucher and redeem free trial contact lenses at your eye doctor’s office…”

For example, will give a certificate for free trial lenses just by answering a few questions. You cant take the certificate to your eye doctor for free trial lenses. But it is usually not required.

Another source of free contacts is retailers. Mail-order companies also grant coupons or vouchers for rebate or discount programs, in addition to offering free trial contact lenses. Such promotions are usually designed for a special event or a year-end inventory’s clearance.

What Does “Free Trial” Mean?

The “free samples” or “free trial” idea is applied to disposable contact lenses if you have presbyopia.

Gas permeable contacts, on the other hand, are non-disposable contact lens types. They are not mass-produced but ordered based on a specific prescription for any individual wearer. So there will be no “free trial contact lenses” for these types.

Free contact lenses that are obtained without a valid prescription aren’t worth to take home. No matter what coupon or voucher you have they are most likely won’t fit your eyes. Even if you have a valid prescription you can’t get a free sample of RGP contact lenses.

While rebate or discount coupons of contact lens suppliers might save you money, you may want to be careful with suppliers that offer “freebies.” By granting your email and personal info to certain merchants you’re ready to clean up your inbox of junk mail every morning.


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