Focus Progressive Contacts and Dailies Progressives

Success with Focus Progressive contacts depend on your specific eye conditions and your expectations. These are vision clarity you want to have and your lifestyle.

When your eyes begin to lose the ability to focus up close at early stage of presbyopia and you never wear contacts, focus progressives offer comfort and clear vision at all distances.

These lenses are for you if you are willing to accept a compromise between near and distance vision quality. They also answer a situation that requires you to change prescription more frequently than before.

But progressive lenses aren’t for everyone. A progressive lens is more difficult to fit than other types of bifocal contacts. You may see farther away than usual vision but with a blurry or distorted view.

How Does Focus Progressives Contact Lens Work?

focus progressives contacts Focus progressive lens allows you to focus your sight smoothly at all distances, without the jumps and distortions bifocals typically provide. This lens concentrates near and immediate power in a small central area and distance power in a larger peripheral distance zone. For optimal vision, you only need to specify the distance power.

focus dailies progressives 30 pack best price Unlike bifocals, Focus multifocal lenses contain no lines, or no segmented, vision zones. Instead, progressives feature smooth transitions from optical zone to optical zone. Here to obtain a clear vision at all distance, you don’t need to make unnatural head movements.

Focus Progressive contacts also provide excellent night vision and full peripheral vision — a more natural visual experience.

Focus Progressives and Focus Dailies Progressives

Based on wear and replacement schedules, these lenses come in focus progressives, a daily wear, replaced once a month lens. These monthly replacement lenses have been discontinued by Ciba Vision. Another type of lens is focus dailies progressives, a daily disposable lens that does not require any lens care because you always wear a brand new pair every day.


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