Contact Lens Solution Types

Contact lens solution is an important lens caring element that is essential for your eye health. Failing to understand the role of contact solution for caring your contacts may result in eye irritations or even serious eye infections.

The only lens design that requires no caring is daily disposable contacts. Other lens types need cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting to keep them comfortable, provide clear vision and prevent eye infections.

These are some lens solution products that can perform the above mentioned tasks.

Different Types Of Contact Lens Solutions

  • Multipurpose solution is the most practical contact lens solution. You can use the solution for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting, and storing your contact lenses. It provides convenience lens care since it eliminates the need for multiple solution.Bausch + Lomb ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution is an example of multipurpose solution. It provides comfort yet cleans, disinfects, rinses, stores, and removes protein daily for soft contact lenses without the need to rub. It also fights contact lens dryness.
  • contact lens solutionSaline solution is contact lens solution used for rinsing after daily cleaning and prior to lens insertion. It can be used together with enzyme tablets for protein removal. These solutions may also be used for storing your lenses.
  • Daily cleaner is used to clean your contacts, to remove film deposit and debris, daily before disinfection. Without a regular daily cleaning there is a risk of building up deposits that may cause eye irritation and discomfort.You may use it by placing a few drops of cleaner on the lens and rub the lens on each side, as directed. Make sure you carefully clean both sides of the lens.
  • Hydrogen peroxide solution is used for disinfecting your contact lenses. Disinfecting your lenses after daily cleaning is required to destroy harmful microorganisms. Some hydrogen peroxide systems require you to neutralize the lens solution so it doesn’t sting your eyes. It can be a special storage case that has a built-in neutralizer. Or in another system you have to add a neutralizing tablet into the contact lens case.
  • Enzymatic cleaner is for cleaning protein from your contact lenses. Removing stubborn proteins builds up from your lenses are necessary because protein deposits make your contacts uncomfortable, and may lead to eye infections. This lens solution is usually used on a weekly basis, if the daily cleaner isn’t sufficient. It’s in a tablet form. You may use it with saline solution or disinfecting solution, as directed.
  • Eyedrops for contact lenses are for lubricating your eyes and rewetting your contacts. If your eyes feel dry, you may want to re-wet your contact lenses with lubricating drops.Lubrication is essential for contact lens wearing comfort. If your lenses become dry you can place rewetting drops in your eyes. This eye drops can be used while you’re wearing lenses.

Dangerous Contact Lens Solution

Some people have allergic reactions to a preservative such a thimerosal. Actually thimerosal is only one of such a kind of preservatives. If you have sensitive eyes make sure that you use preservative-free products, with a consequence of shorter expiration dates.

As contact lens solutions aren’t always compatible with your lenses you shouldn’t switch products without consulting your doctor. Visit your eye doctor to make sure the new solution is compatible with your lenses.


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