Contact Lens Case Kit for Travel

The term of contact lens case is often used interchangeably with contact lens holder. However, they are different. The first refers to a fashion, carrying case for traveling and the second refers to a functional, storage case for daily contact lens care.

The following paragraphs provide more detail descriptions of the two types of contact lens cases to help choose one that meets your needs and wants.

Contact Lens Holder

contact lens case or holderContact lens holder is a case for both placing and cleaning/disinfecting contact lenses. Screw-top case is a popular design of contact lens holder. Each screw-top case has two wells for right and left lenses. Left and right caps are clearly marked to prevent lens mix-ups.

As a critical contact lens accessory, a contact lens holder should be cleaned regularly as directed. This lens case can be rinsed with hot tap water and air dried when not in use. Another option is to disinfect the case with an enzyme solution to prevent protein build up.

You also need to throw out your contact lens holder once a month, or as directed, and then invest in a new case. Both the disinfection and a new lens case will prevent the risk of your eyes infection.

You can disinfect your lenses by placing them in your clean lens storage holder. Then fill it with the appropriate contact lens solution for your soaking and disinfecting system. This disinfection kills microorganisms on the lenses.

Contact Lens Travel Case

contact lens caseThe term “case” for contact lenses is actually a carrying case. There are many terms for this case: contact lens travel case, contact lens carrying case, or designer contact case. This design usually includes a screw-top lens holder, which is marked left and right, a mirror, tweezers and one bottle or two of lens solution.

Contact lens travel case is a part of your fashion accessories. There are many designs that offer leather cases or personally monogrammed silver. Some companies even offer custom-design, lens case.

Prices vary depending on whether they are mass-produced or custom-made. If you don’t want to pay a high price you may accept mass-produced lens cases, which have range of designs from USA and Canadian flags to endangered species.

A cool contact lens travel case is ideal to keep in a pocket or handbag to help easily remove your lenses during the day — at office or during travel. This lens case offers not only convenience but it also provides fun and unique fashion look.

Caring for Your Contact Lens Case

Your contact lens carrying case doesn’t directly influence your eye health. But your contact lens holder is critical for your long-term vision health.

Lens storage or holder can be a source of microbial contamination to your contacts. To prevent eye infections, your lens cases should be cleaned, rinsed, and dried every day. They need to be replaced at least every three months.

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