GP and Soft Contact Lens Care Tips

Contact lens care is essential for eye health. Failing to care contacts may result in eye irritations or even serious eye infections. Just imagine what might happen if unclean and unsterilized contact lenses “stick” to your eyes.

However, you don’t need to worry too much about the lens care. Manufacturers have made caring for contact lens easier than ever. Disposable contact lenses are an example of a care-free as well as trouble-free answer to your contact lens care.

You can also find a multipurpose contact lens solution for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and storing your daily wear contact lens. If you follow its caring instruction you may use the solution for the whole process of contact lens caring.

Soft Contact Lenses Care Instructions

The objective of soft contact lens care is to provide a clean and sterile caring process, which will avoid any eye problems. Below is the step by step instruction of caring for soft contacts:

  • Wash your hands with non moisturizing soaps and dry your hands with a lint-free towel.
  • Remove one lens. Clean it to remove protein buildup and other debris with the right solution. Rub the lens in your palm, if the product require you to rub it, with a few drops of solution.
  • Rinse the lens as directed by the product to remove the loosened debris.
  • Place the lens in a clean lens case and disinfect it with the appropriate solution to kill microorganisms on the lens. Check the instruction manual for details.
  • Repeat the steps for another lens.
  • Clean and disinfect your contact lenses once a day or when you take them out, for extended wear lenses.
  • Remember to clean your contact lens accessories. Your lens cases can be rinsed with hot tap water and dried when not in use.

During wearing period, your eye build up protein that deposits on your contacts. If they aren’t disposable contacts, the longer your wear contact lenses, the more likely you need a protein remover. Eye care practitioners usually recommend an enzymatic cleaner to help remove protein deposits.

Gas Permeable Contact Lens Care Tips

soft contact lens careGas permeable or RGP contact lenses are made of combination of silicone and fluorine. The material doesn’t attract proteins and other deposits as easily as soft lenses — RGP lenses are easier to clean than soft lenses.

The lens caring process is almost the same as soft contact lens. The only difference is that you need to remove debris and dirt that are easier to remove than protein buildup.

As with soft contact lens care, do not use tap water. Tap water can cause RGP contact lenses to become uncomfortable to wear. There is a chance that it also contains microorganisms that may cause eye infections.

Also, not all solutions designed for soft lenses are compatible for gas permeable lenses. Never switch solutions, they may damage your contact lenses and/or your eye health.

Contact Lens Case Uses and Care

contact lens caseContact lens case is as vital as contact lens solution. With your active lifestyle, it can help you care your contacts properly.

To prepare for unforeseen circumstances, buy several contact lens cases and place them at separate locations. It can be in your car compartment, in your office’s desk, or even in your purse.

Pay a special attention for your night activities. Place several carrying case anywhere you’re likely to get stranded unexpectedly for the night.

In a certain situation, you may want to remove your lenses, to give your eyes a rest. Besides carrying contact lens case, it’s also a good idea to keep multipurpose solutions with you. With them, you can easily remove and insert your contact lenses.

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