Compare Multifocal Contacts for Presbyopia

Compare multifocal contactsYou’ll have to compare multifocal contacts and learn about the features, if you’re looking for contacts that are right for your needs.

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The followings are comparisons of different brands and designs of multifocal contact lenses. You may want to follow a link for more details info about specific contacts.

Compare Multifocal Contacts – Daily Disposable

Daily or one-day disposable lenses are healthy, care-free multifocal contact lenses because they are replaced each day.

Both Proclear 1 day multifocal and Focus Dailies progressives contacts are good for you if you have presbyopia and dry eyes or even itchy eyes with contacts due to allergies.

Compare Multifocal Contacts – Two Weekly Disposable

Fortnightly or 2 weekly contacts are contact lenses that you can wear up to 2-weeks for daily wear or up to 1-week for 7 consecutive days extended wear.

Acuvue Oasys for presbyopia are multifocal contacts that come in with wearing comfort and Acuvue bifocal contacts offer you an option if you don’t like bifocal eye glasses.

Compare Multifocal Contacts – Monthly Disposable

Air Optix Aqua Vs Biofinity Multifocal

Both Air Optix Aqua multifocal and Biofinity multifocal are extended wear contact lenses that you can wear up to 7 days or 6 nights in a row or as a regular daily wear.

The contacts can help improve their visions if you have presbyopia and their silicone hydrogel materials allow you to wear the contact lenses overnight.

Frequency 55 Vs PureVision multifocal

CooperVision’s Frequency 55 Multifocal contacts are daily wear contacts that promise good vision quality at every distance. Want extended ware contacts?

The silicone hydrogel lens of PureVision multifocal allows those suffering from presbyopia to enjoy comfort in wearing them and have good vision as well.

Soflens Vs Frequency 55 Multifocal

Using dfferent technologies both SofLens multifocal and Frequency 55 multifocal are daily wear contacts that are suitable for people with presbyopia.

While Softlens contacts are designed with aspheric, center-near lenses, Frequency 55 lenses come in with a pair of D and N lens that work together for improving vision quality at every distance.

Proclear Multifocal Vs Proclear EP

Both Proclear multifocal and Proclear EP are extended wear contact lenses that are good for you if you have dry eyes.

The only difference between the two is while Proclear EP lenses are specifically designed for people in their early stage of presbyopia, Proclear multifocal contacts are suitable for those at the later stage of presbyopia.

Soflens Vs PureVision

Both Soflens and PureVision multifocal are the product lines of Bausch + Lomb corporation. Even though their designs differ the factor that separate the two contacts are the materials.

While Soflens is made of material for daily wear, PureVision is made of silicone hydrogel that is comfortable for extended wear or dry eyes.

Compare Multifocal Contacts for Astigmatism

No need to compare multifocal contacts if you have astigmatism because Proclear multifocal toric is the only contact lenses that address the needs of presbyopic persons with mild to severe astigmatism.

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