CIBASOFT Progressive Toric Discontinued

Cibasoft Progressive ToricCIBASOFT Progressive Toric contact lens has a toric design to correct astigmatism and a multifocal configuration to offer excellent intermediate and near vision without compromising distance acuity. It works well with wearers who have low, as well as high astigmatism.

An eye care practitioner reported that on more than 100 patients he had a success rate around 75% on the first try, and about 80% with a second. Before the reported success rate he successfully fitted 13 wearers on the first try.

Eye doctors who work with multifocal specialty lenses are likely to find this lens a valuable addition to their prescribing options. They have found that CPT is simple to fit and include the lens as their first choice for patients with presbyopia and astigmatism.

How Does Progressive Toric Lens Work?

CIBASOFT Progressive Toric lens is made from tefilcon, a non-ionic material, that reduces deposits and yields less dehydration compared to ionic material lenses. The lens has a toric optic zone on its front surface with a centermost aspheric zone on its back surface.

The front surface is lathe cut with a toric surface stabilized with dynamic stabilization. For optimum stabilization of the lens on the cornea, there are two thin zones on the front surface at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position.

The back surface is a cast molded surface with a simultaneous vision progressive add, which caters for up to +3.00D reading addition. The center-near progressive add on the back surface has an add power range from 0.25 to 0.75D for near vision correction.

Are Cibasoft Progressive Toric Lenses Right for You?

So you’re at forties but you want to maintain a youthful image? If you have astigmatism — low to moderate (up to -2.75D) — and now have a near vision difficulties but want to continue wearing contact lenses this lens is a good alternative. Also, if you’re a monovision dropout of soft toric lens you may also be interested in bifocal contact lens for astigmatism.

Visit your eye doctor to find out whether these lenses are right for you. Be prepared for several visits because it takes some patience to go through the fitting process. It takes time to refine both the toric correction and the balance between distance and near.

Note: CIBA Vision no longer manufacture Cibasoft Progressive Toric Contact Lenses (discontinued).

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