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Cheap contacts are available in many distribution channels. As with other purchase, you can get cheap contacts by comparison shopping. Although the net offers many advantages over other outlets such as optical chain or eye doctors there’s no guarantee you’ll get the best price.

If you find that a seller offers one particular lens for less it doesn’t mean all other lenses will be cheaper. Every seller has its own market position. A company that sells a spherical lens for less might not sell a specialty lens for less.

Timing of purchase is also important. Contact lens price fluctuates depending on market supply and demand. A company that has a large size inventory may sell a certain type of contact lens at lower price. On the other hand, a seller inventory for a certain brand might reach its minimum level. If there is no immediate delivery guarantee from manufacturer the price of the brand will increase.

Eye Doctors Sell Cheap Contacts?

buy cheap contacts from eye doctorsThere is a general assumption that lenses from an eye doctor will be more expensive. But this isn’t always the case. Some doctors that sell larger quantities of lenses may offer prices that are competitive.

Eye care practitioners have a competitive advantage over other sources because they can offer bundled packages of lenses and contact lens fitting. The lens price might be higher than a competitive source, but total value of the package, which includes visits and other services, may be greater.

Their competitions have forced eye doctors to provide greater values. Today eye care professionals also offer web or e-mail based lens ordering or reordering service to their patients. Like mail order companies, they’ll mail your lenses to you, or have contact lens manufacturers ship the lenses directly to you. With these service offerings check out their combined cost of lenses and shipping.

When To Buy from Online Retailers

buy cheap contacts using discount couponsOnline mail order or contact lens retailers vary in selection, inventory size and services offered. Large companies usually offer large size contact lens inventories and a quick delivery, whereas smaller retailers may obtain lenses only after you place order.

Smaller companies have disadvantages in inventory and selection. But they tend to offer more attractive prices. Because there are hundreds of online retailers, the following tips might be helpful in selecting the right retailer:

  1. Check out whether the retailer has the type of contact lens you’re about to buy online in its inventory. If they don’t have the lenses after you order them, you may expect that the lens’ delivery time will be longer.
  2. Examine its customer service and return policy. If there’s a problem with your order, will it be easy to reach a customer service representative. In case you get damaged contact lenses, does the store have a good return policy? If you purchase a large amount of lenses and your prescription changes, will the company accept the unopened boxes for credit?
  3. Also, look for many “confidence builders” before you buy contacts from the retailer. Have you heard about the company? How long have the company been in the business? Will it still be in business tomorrow? Are there many satisfied customers testimonials? Does it have “BBBonline” sign? Does it provide a secure credit card transaction? So, before granting your credit card information make sure you trust the company.

Optical Chains Offer Cheap Contacts?

buying cheap contacts from optical shopsOptical chains and optical departments of big retailers generally provide eye exams and sell you a supply of lenses. You may expect competitive prices at a multi-location outlets retailer.

If you have a common prescription and need your contact lenses immediately, such a location may be a good option.

Or, are you more confident with a personal transaction rather than with mail-order sellers that can be contacted only by phone or email? If yes, optical chains are the right place.

Best Value or Cheap Contacts?

If you’re a price sensitive buyer you may after the cheapest contact lenses price. You might believe that price is the only tangible measure. But here we suggest you buy based on the best value.

To understand your best value, think about what best meets your needs and wants. For example, you value price, delivery time, and return policy high. Put a weigh to the three criteria, with total weight summation of 100, and then do some comparison-shopping.

Let’s say you’ve found four selected sellers. Now, compare each seller by giving a score to each criterion. And after adding up each criterion times the score for each company, you’ll know which offers the best value by the highest score result. So, best value or cheap contacts? carries a wide selection of contact lenses. They offer competitive prices. Find the best prices on cheap contact lenses at Highly Recommended!

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