Where to Buy Contact Lenses Online?

Looking to buy contact lenses? If so, you normally go to a store where you can get the best deal or the cheapest price. Before ordering your contacts you’ll compare prices of different shops and finally buy lenses from the retailer that will give you the lowest price. But, what about other purchase values, such as delivery time, guarantee, return policy and customer service?

The other values are less tangible than price alone but they are important for making a purchase decision. In addition to price, each of other values such as delivery, customer service and return policy has its own weigh in helping you choose a seller. The question now is how to find one retailer or two with the best overall purchase values.

Places For Purchasing Contact Lenses

There are three major places where you can order your contact lenses: your doctor’s office, optical retail chains and online retailers. The following are advantages and disadvantages of each outlet:

Your eye doctor might offer cheap contact lenses when he or she handles large quantities of certain type of lenses. Or, the lenses might not be cheap but the bundled packages of the lenses and his or her service might offer best overall values.

buy contact lenses onlineOptical retail chains can also offer both eye exams and discount contact lenses. They usually provide eye exams and contact lens fittings, as well as sell contact lenses. You may get better values if they include the services on a certain replacement lenses price package.

Online retailers can range from large companies like WalMart to back-room operations with a small number of staff. Large retailers usually carry wide range of contact lenses with inventory of millions of lenses. Smaller stores are more specialized on a specific type of contact lenses with little inventory.

When looking to to buy contact lenses additional costs and availability are keys. Will there be handling and shipping charges? Or when will you receive your contacts? You’ll need to pay more than the quoted price if there are handling and shipping fees. Also, you’ll wait a little longer if the retailer has to obtain your lenses after you order them.

Good Reasons To Buy Contact Lenses Online

If you value convenience, time saving and price then ordering contact lenses online is the best. If you like to go out, however, then purchasing from an optical retail chain or your eye doctor is a good choice — provided that they offer great bundled packages.

Among the three outlets, online retailers have competitive advantages over eye doctors and optical stores. Using information technology they have made efficient ordering and inventory system so they can pass on the cost saving to consumers in the form of huge price discounts of up to 70 percent as well as other promotion like contacts coupons.

Now, go get the contact lens brand that you’re looking for via these bifocal contacts reviews. Once there, click the link to the brand that you want. On the web page, you can easily compare offerings from different merchants before choosing to buy your contact lenses from one of the seller.

Alternatively, search for your contact lenses through one of your favorite merchants listed below and then buy contact lenses there.

Recommended Online Contact Lens Retailers

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