Buy Contact Lenses Online With a Valid Prescription

If you want to buy contact lenses online you need to have a contact lens prescription. If you haven’t, visit an eye doctor who has experience in bifocal contact lens fitting and expect several office visits to get one.

The more experience the eye care professional the lesser your visits for the lens fitting. And experienced bifocal contact lens fitters usually offer various contact lens options that suit your vision needs and life style.

Buy Contact Lenses Online with Prescription

buy contact lenses online with prescriptionContact lens is a medical device that needs a prescription. The contact lens prescription is so specific that you cannot use a prescription for eyeglasses for contact lenses. In a certain case where you’ve been prescribed for disposable contacts you’ll need a new one for replacement contact lenses.

Any eye doctor requires you to take contact lens fitting before he or she can write a prescription. Without a proper fitting you might not see well. And if the material of the free contact lenses is not suitable to your eyes you will feel discomfort, inflammation and other eye problems.

You can obtain contact lens prescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist. In some states of the U.S., opticians are also allowed to fit contact lenses.

Contact lens prescriptions are usually valid for a minimum of one year. If it expires you’re required to update your prescription before purchasing contact lenses.

Steps To Buy Contact Lenses Online

Got contacts prescription? Now, you’re ready to buy contact lenses online. Follow these steps to get the multifocal contacts prescribed by your eye doctor.

  • Getting the best price is usually what most people are after. This approach is right one if you buy a commodity product that is difficult to be differentiated. But buying contact lenses involve services. If you value availability and your time, buying for the best value is the right approach.
  • Do a thorough evaluation of any company you’re considering purchasing from. You may search customers’ satisfaction ratings of various sellers. Or, estimate the size of the companies from their visitor traffics by downloading toolbar on your browser. As an estimation, the smaller the Alexa number the higher traffic they get.
  • Do they provide customer services? If you’ve got a problem with your order, are they accessible and quick to response? If there’s an accidental double billing to your credit card, will you get a quick resolution?
  • Lastly, suppose you receive damage contact lenses. Does the store provide a favorable return policy? If your prescription changes, will it accept the unopened contact lens box for credit?

Recommended Online Contact Lens Sellers

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