Boston Multivision GP Contact Lenses Review

boston multivision gp contact lensesBoston Multivision contacts are a design of Boston contact lenses that provides crisp vision at distance, intermediate and near vision for people with presbyopia.

If you’re at an early stage of presbyopia and have sensitive eyes, dry eyes, or astigmatism this daily wear, gas permeable lens is suitable for you. The lens is made from Boston ES, oxygen permeable material that resists deposits. This results in fresh lenses that are comfortable to your eyes.

How Do Boston Multivision GP Contact Lenses Work?

Bausch & Lomb Boston Multi Vision is designed to follow the natural topography of the cornea, with a junction-less, aspheric zones in its back surface. This design allows the lens to be alignment-fit with central portion of the cornea, similar to the design of single-vision contact lenses.

The lens consists of

  • Elliptical optic zone that provides distance vision,
  • Hyperbolic zone that provides the plus power,
  • Fillet curve is an area between the hyperbolic

and elliptical fitting zones,

  • Elliptical fitting zone that allows for controlled edge lift,
  • Controlled edge lift that is similar throughout the base curve range.

The front surface of this lens combines elliptical, center optic zone and hyperbolic zone. When the lens is centered over your pupil for distance viewing, your distance and intermediate vision is corrected simultaneously. When you look down to read, the lens translates up for correcting your near vision.

Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional vision at all distances.
  • Designed for simple fit. Boston Multivision uses an alignment fitting philosophy. So your eye doctor only need to specify power and base curve that means less doctor visit for lens fitting.
  • Designed for patient comfort. The lens is designed with a back surface profile that’s engineered to control edge lift for optimal edge clearance and comfort.
  • Material performance you can count on. The Boston ES lens material offers enhanced wetting and deposit resistance for increased visual acuity and provides excellent material durability and stiffness for long lens life


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