Biofinity Multifocal Contact Lenses

Biofinity Multifocal contacts are a premium member of Biofinity family of CooperVision. Biofinity® multifocal lenses allow you to see close-up, far away objects and everything in-between.

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These contacts offer the clarity and comfort you deserve. Its Balanced Progressive Technology contains multiple zones of vision correction in both lenses for delivering excellent vision at any distance.

The Aquaform® Technology lens material helps ensure that eyes receive oxygen. The Biofinity silicone hydrogel material delivers plenty of oxygen to your eyes, allowing you to stay comfortable all day long.

The monthly replacement schedule, daily wear contact lenses offer wearing conveniences as you can wear the Biofinity Multifocal contacts for up to 6 nights/7 days.

How Biofinity Multifocal Contacts Work

The Biofinity Multifocal contact lenses use the Balanced Progressive Technology (BPT) like Proclear multifocal contacts family of CooperVision. The BPT works by using D and N lenses that work together to provide clear vision at all distance.

The D lens is fit to the dominant eye and the N lens for the non-dominant eye. The D lens has three areas: a central distance power zone, an aspheric intermediate zone, and a near distance spherical peripheral zone.

The “N” lens design is the other way around. While the D lens’ progressive power increases in add toward the periphery, the N lens works the other way around.

When both your eyes wear the D and the N multifocal contact lenses the resulting optical effect is Balanced Progressive Technology.

Who Needs Biofinity Multifocal Contacts?

Biofinity Multifocal contact lenses are good contacts for people at all stages of presbyopia who have active lifestyle or constant computer work and want the convenience of extended wear contacts.

Some wearers have reported that the multifocal contact lenses are comfortable to sleep in with. Another user has expressed her satisfaction because she can wear them daily for up to 12-14 hours with no problem.

The water content of Biofinity contacts are relatively high compare to other brands. If you suffer from dry eyes chances are your eye doctor may suggest you another brand with a lower water material.

Product Specifications and Parameters

  • Material: Comfilcon A
  • Water Content: 48%
  • Diameter: 13.5mm to 15.0mm
  • Base Curve: 8.0mm to 9.5mm
  • Center Thickness: 0.08 to 0.15mm (varies with power)
  • Powers: -20.00 to +20.00D
  • Package Size: 6 lenses

Wearing and Replacement Schedules

  • Wearing schedule: Daily wear and up to 6 nights/ 7 days extended wear
  • Replacement schedule: Monthly

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