Air Purifier for Eye Allergies

Air purifier for eye allergiesDo you have the endless itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and coughing? Those are symptoms of common allergies. But if your eyes become red, itchy and watery chances are you have eye allergies or allergic conjunctivitis, the irritation on the conjunctiva –the membrane that cover your eyeball.

The air is full of various items of debris. Anything from dust, particles, pollen, mold and even bacteria are circulating around in the air. If these things are not filtered out, they may enter into our respiratory system and our eyes. The results are mixed but those who have allergies are more likely to develop eye allergies.

One good answer to your problems is air purifier for eye allergies. An air filter or air cleaner can help greatly. It will help sift many of these particles from the air exposed to our bodies. The debris ends up in the filter and not in our bodies. An air purifier does not remove 100 percent of the debris, but can reduce the amount significantly. This translates into better air and reduced sources of allergens.

Before purchasing any air cleaner make sure you consult your doctor. He or she may be able to recommend the best type for your particular type of ailment. You could also try to rent the filter first. Try using it in a close room for at least a day to see if it has any positive effects. If not then look for something else.

Finally, you need to be realistic. Air purifiers cannot actually clean the air we breathe. It can only remove some of the debris already contained in it. An air filter also cannot remove a bacterium that causes influenza or pneumonia. It can only remove particles. Beware of any air filters that claim the ability to do so.

If you suffer from different types of allergies, an air filter can make huge improvements in your quality of life. While an air filter cannot remove all of the debris from the air, it can reduce it by a large amount. This can help you enjoy a better quality of life with much less severe symptoms.

An air purifier cannot remove harmful bacteria from the atmosphere and you should be skeptical of those that make such claims. However, an air cleaner can improve things to a large extent. If you’re tired of itchy and watery eyes because of eye allergies, then perhaps an air purifier for eye allergies would be a worthy investment.


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